Anne-Claire Petit Accessoires SPRING/SUMMER 2017


love is in the air!
Show your love for the newborn baby with this crochet heart rattle. The heart has a subtle bell inside and comes in the colours red, mix stripe and nature.

fish rattle
Special by its simple design. The plain form of this fish rattle makes it easy for babies to grip and shake. The fish has a little bell inside his belly. Available in mandarin, sky and nature.

fox family
The good old fox has a nephew: the fox ring with little bell inside. This cute little fox isn’t sly at all!

lola and winnie
Lola the rabbit and Winnie the fox will soon become the new best friends of every kid. Lola and Winnie are both made from soft dotted terry cloth towels.  This makes them super soft and cuddly. Both types are dressed in different LOVE’ly cotton knit sweaters.

rocky head
Our naughty rocky the raccoon also deserves a place on the wall!

radio bag
A new bag for retro lovers!  This old school radio style bag is the perfect accessory for hip kids or their parents. It has an adjustable shoulder strap and zip.

mini basket
You can’t have enough places to store your belongings. In the kids’ room, bathroom and other places, these beautiful handmade crochet baskets will fit everywhere!

Anne-Claire Petit Home SPRING/SUMMER 2017


big plant
Inspired by the 50s, when the Sansevieria plant experienced its high days and was popular in the livings of most homes, we created a crochet plant. This season we introduce a bigger version of the plant measuring a height of 108 cm.

raffia crochet
The raffia fibre is obtained from the raffia palm tree, trees that grow in tropical regions in Africa. Raffia fibre is famous for its soft, pliable, strong and durable character, which makes it very suitable for our crochet creatures! Our famous fish, big lobster, flowers and many more products are now available in raffia. The raffia gives our well-known products and elegant look.

bouquet of  flowers
These bouquets of crochet flowers will suit your favourite vase. Very sustainable and the additional benefit: they are low in maintenance because they never have to be watered!

big lobster key ring
You will never lose your keys again with these big lobster key rings!

free as a bird
Inspired by the garden-variety birds we see every day Anne-Claire created a beautiful new design object. The roma bird is a perfect addition to every interior.

AA Airborne
Spring 2015 we created together with Airborne the BB kids chair. After the great success of this chair we developed a crochet cover for the adult version. The cover from waxed cotton thread is available in charcoal and nature (Size: height 89 cm x width 73 cm).

flower carpet
Cheer up your interior with this beautiful crochet flower carpet. Choose mandarin for a colourful and cheerful interior design or black for a more classic and timeless interior design (Diameter: 188 cm)

new ceramics
Next to our series of colourful fish plates we introduce a new graphic “black and white” design.  In the same style we also developed fish bowls for fruits or valuables.