about anne-claire petit

Anne-Claire Petit (1962) studied industrial design in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
She began her own label with fashion items under the name anne-claire petit accessories in 1990. 

The brand gained a strong foothold during its first ten years
with a shawl collection and expanded over the years
with an extensive children’s and interior’s collection, ranging from toy animals, rattles and purses to smaller and bigger furniture and decorative items.

The label

Our Amsterdam office is the place where Anne-Claire and her team brainstorm, choose colour schemes and make sketches. It is also home to:
a huge animal family,

a vast line of interior accessories,

and even accessories for pets.

Textile artworks

During COVID-lockdown Anne-Claire calmed her restless creative brain with handembroidery.

Since then she creates one of a kind embriodered wall objetcs.

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Every single product designed by Anne-Claire Petit speaks to one's imagination and brings about a positive emotion and cheerful reaction.
And that’s exactly what defines the distinct signature of our label.

Every accessory is made by hand, using traditional handiwork techniques like crochet or knitting.
With a solid knowledge of materials, a signature hand of fresh recognisable colour schemes and the use of natural materials, we ensure that every piece is unique.

The production

With our brand we wish to bring joy to all involved; from design to production to market to end-user.

We work with exceptionally skilled women, who stil practice the craft of handiwork techniques that they learned from their ancestors.
The crochet work is done by our expert teams in China and Nepal.
And in the case of our knitted objects, we ask the help of small communities in Thailand.

The best artisans create the first sample and the patterns for production.
Once the final design is agreed upon, the other women start crocheting, knitting or sewing.

Thanks to their work for Anne-Claire Petit Accessories, these women are able to generate extra income, something from which the entire village benefits.

The love for

For each hand made product we believe there is someone who will hold it, love it, and will hopefully, one day, hand it down to a next generation.

Our love for people, animals and our work determines why we do what we do.
So it goes without saying that we cherish the communities of ladies and yarn keepers that we work with and we safeguard a high standard of their working conditions.

Last but not least we care about our end-users: by taking our design and production processes seriously and in accordance to international safety standards, and by using organic dyes and materials wherever possible. 

anne-claire petit accessories: 
cheerful, colourful and most importantly, made with love.