The world of anne-claire petit accessories involves many, very divers collaborations.
We love to invite other brands to step into our world, and are visa versa very much interested in those of others.
Collaborations give us the possibility to explore new stories, objects, techniques and different kinds of outcomes stretching – so far –  from hand crochet figures, printed duvet covers to books and carpets.

Thanks to our experience in the field of toys and home decor, we have been able to develop successful collaborations with companies such as ‘Snurk’, ‘Airborne' and ‘AMPM’.

Our colabs with publishers and studios show that our designs are suitable for a wide range of products. Famous book and animation characters such as Shaun the sheep and dog Rintje were given an extra dimension through our crochet work.

By furthermore adding partners such as the Dutch Rijksmuseum and flooring company Forbo to our client list, we can say we have no trouble working ‘out of the box’; It always is a joy to get together, brainstorm and come to new work!